What exactly is NJMCDirect?

  • You should have your traffic ticket and your license plate number as you have to put in the details.
  • You need Mastercard or visa in order to make use of the www NJmcdirect com site for NJmcdirect Payments.
  • The New Jersey Courts is giving this to citizens.

The site could be contacted through the phone at 856-757-5021. You may also visit their office located at 4th & Cooper Streets Camden, NJ 08010.

Follow these schedules upon making payments:

7:30am to 11:45 pm, Mondays to Fridays;

7:30am to 10:45pm, Fridays;

7:31am to 3:45pm, Saturdays;

1:00pm to 11:45pm, Sundays

If you have acquired a ticket in New Jersey even if you are not living there, you may still access the NJMC Direct portal to settle the fine quickly and ideally.


Facts about NJMCDirect

If you’re planning to make ticket payments through the NJMC Direct, you have to prepare a convenience fee. You may also pay for your tickets utilizing your Mastercard or visa. Questions and queries about the techniques may be asked by contacting the New Jersey Court.

If it has been four days since you have been issued with a ticket, you can look for it online. Your license plate number isn’t the only requirement when searching for your ticket at the website. You must also prepare your ticket, court ID number, ticket prefix, and license number.

Whether you used your own vehicle or a company car during a serious violation, you still be given a suspension of driving privileges.

Tickets on Time Payment Order is payable on the web. No warrants must have been issued right after the ticket has been paid. The ticket is considered payable if it falls under payable violations.

After your ticket has been paid, its information will remain on the site for Ninety days. If you can’t find your ticket within the allotted time, you can call the court and have them search the data you need from their records.

There’s a blog that tackles about guidance for NJmcdirect. Visit http://njmcdirects.net for more details.